Kagay-an Festival Parade 2012

Chaired by:Hon. Emmanuel D. Abejuela (City Councilor)

Date : August 27, 2012
Time : 7:00 a.m.
Venue : Main City Streets

Entry design should clearly reflect the urban dynamism of today’s Cagayan de Oro reflecting its desirability
as a City to do business, enjoy, and reside in. Our multi-cultural heritage, thriving economic growth, natural
environmental features, peace and order, and sense of God, family, and community are traits of Cagayan de
Oro we wish to herald during this event.
A. General Appearance and Set-up:
1. Participation is open to all corporate-based establishments, schools, government and
non-government organizations, barangays, civic clubs, local government units (LGUs), and others.
2. Any animation on the float must be consistent with the theme or concept. Live characters atop the
float must be dressed in costumes that conform to standards decency. Failure to follow this guideline
would mean automatic removal and disqualification from parade participation.
3. Specific Measurements:
a. Height of Float : Not more than 4 meters from ground level
b. Length of Float : at least 5, but not more than 13 meters
c. Width of Float : at least 3, but not more than 5 meters
4. Size of corporate logo as part of the float should not exceed 3’ x 3’ & limited to 2 exposures/pc only.
5. Mobile exhibits and floats should have their own working fire extinguisher.
6. The Philippine Flag must be displayed in an appropriate manner.
7. All entries shall ensure that the structural integrity and safety of the float is sound. Proper platforms,
or safety harness if necessary, must be provided for use of the participants/actors. Safety of the
audience must also be of primary importance.

B. Mechanics:

Cash Prize and Awards
First Prize 150,000.00 + Trophy
Second Prize 100,000.00 + Trophy
Third Prize 50,000.00 + Trophy

10 Awards @ P15,000.00 each

Criteria for the Competing Float

a. CREATIVITY/ARTISTRY ______________________ 35%
Animation/presence of live characters on the float
Relevance to competition theme
Propriety of costumes
b. ORIGINALITY OF DESIGN _____________________ 30%
c. OVER-ALL IMPACT __________________________ 25%

C. Parade Proper:

1. Other than the actors and the driver, six (6) logistic support staff properly identified with color
bands or uniforms shall be allowed to accompany the float.
2. The parade entries’ sequence shall follow the prescribed sequence of the Kagay-an Festival 2012
Committee on Golden Float Parade. Competing floats shall be sequenced by drawing lots.
3. All entries must assemble at designated venue an hour before the flag off. Violation would mean
a 10-point deduction from the total score or a non-inclusion in the parade.
4. For safety, security and a smoother flow, no materials (gifts, candy, merchandise, literature, leaflets,
liquids, etc. may be handed out or thrown from parade participants and their assistants to the
audience/crowd. This policy shall be strictly imposed by the parade marshals.
5. Members of participating entries shall not drink any alcoholic beverage before or during the parade,
and they shall be circumspect in the use of soft drinks in public places so as not to give the
impression of drinking alcoholic beverages.
6. Forward motion must be maintained throughout the parade. Any maneuvering, counter-marching
or other action delaying the forward progress of the parade is prohibited.
7. No demeaning displays, or discharge of any firearm (real or make-believe) of any type, or other
items that may be considered in poor taste are not permitted.
8. Entries that shall have any animal component shall provide their own clean-up crew that services
the area as the parade progresses


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